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Mocha Uson is a “Garbage” said Jake Ejercito

Recently, different personalities gave their opinions regarding Kris Aquino’s statement to Mocha Uson.

One among them is Jake Ejercito who expressed his criticism towards the sexy dancer-turned-public official Mocha Uson in his social media account Twitter saying Mocha Uson is a garbage.

Jake Ejercito did not disposed any explanation regarding his post.

The root of Jake’s criticism rise after Mocha Uson posted in her social media account a video of President Rodrigo Duterte kissing an Overseas Filipino Worker in South Korea and a video of Kris’ father Benigno Aquino kissed by two Filipina minutes before he was assassinated at Manila International Airport, now NAIA.

Kris said in one of her interview that Mocha crossed the line.

The controversy immediately reached President Duterte, the one who assigned Mocha with her position, and through Bong, head of PMS (Presidential Management Staff), president Duterte asked Mocha to apologize but Mocha did not give her apology to Kris.

Media had the chance to ask the president in an inauguration of resort-themed MCIA (Mactan Cebu International Airport) terminal 2 if he personally gave the order for Mocha to give her apologies and he said, yes.

But president Duterte respected Mocha’s decision not to give her apologies. “As I respect the opposition, I must also respect the people in my camp. She has invoked the right of free expression”, the president said.


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