Meet The Beautiful Life Partner of Dennis Padilla From Australia

Finding a lifetime partner is not easy, even beautiful girls and handsome guys are having difficulties in finding their forever. Celebrities are not exempted from it; even them are finding it hard to have a partner.

Dennis Padilla finds a partner with Linda Marie Gorton who is an Aussie-Pinay that is 24 years younger than him. Their relationship lasted for nine years and counting.

Linda and Marjorie Barretto, who is the mother of Dennis’ children already met in person. Even Julia and Claudia approved Dennis and Linda’s relationship. Linda is welcome to Dennis’s family too.

Despite their age gap, Dennis and Linda go well together. Dennis makes adjustments for Linda primarily due to their different generations. The couple goes to different places but most of the time, place for younger couples.

The two enjoy each other’s company, and it shows in their lovely photos.

Source: manilaflash