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Look At This 50-year-old Mom Who Looks Like A Girlfriend of Her Child

A lot of people today wanted to have a more youthful look especially when they are approaching 50’s. Most of them use pricey beauty products, medications, surgeries and even risky drugs to make them looks younger than their age.

But a woman from Indonesia shocked everyone on the internet because of her age defying beauty. An Indonesian named “Ochie’Aswan Arsyad” posted a video of her with her son during her 50th birthday is now rounding the internet because of her looks.

She might just turn 50, but her beauty looks like she’s just turned 20. More surprisingly, this woman already had two sons and still shows her natural beauty without using any cosmetics and make-up.

While almost anyone at her same age uses skin enhancers to look beautifully young, Ochie’Aswan Arsyad achieve her younger look by having a healthy lifestyle, stress-free environment and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

She is also doing regular exercise to keep up her sexy teenage curve and avoiding unhealthy doings like alcohol and smoking. Ochie’Aswan Arsyad behavior toward her lifestyle might be the answer to having a younger looking skin.

How about you, do you look younger on your age? Or a little bit older?