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Kathryn Bernardo’s Perfect CopyCat

In life, it is not impossible to find someone who looks exactly the same as you. A nostalgic feel when you see your look-a-like, but it is more fantastic if people find you as a celebrity look-alike.


Luckily, a teenage girl from Quezon City Philippines was named as a doppelganger of the famous millennial teenage celebrity “Kathryn Bernardo”.


The girl’s name is “Patricia Jhoy Letran” whose pictures are currently rounding on social media for having a perfect resemblance of the Kapamilya star.


In just hours, her photographs have reached 17 thousand shares, more than 8 thousand comments and over 50 thousand reactions that almost everyone who sees her picture thought that it was the actress selfie.


When Patricia knew that her pictures are going viral on the internet, she quickly hides her pictures. But unfortunately, it was already shared simultaneously by her close friends. Patricia instantly gets a pseudo-celebrity status on social media with many people especially guys, wanted to add her in all her social media apps. What do you think of her? Isn’t she a perfect copycat of Kathryn?

Source: philippinestrends