Kakahawig na kahawig talaga ni Angel Locsin itong kilalang member ng Korean girl group

We are living in a world with 7.6 billion people. Have you ever think if there’s another you in this earth? Have you ever seen someone who looked exactly like you on the internet or bumped some random people and got surprised as you face each other because your faces were similar? That must be super very rare!

There’s no such thing as “perfectly same person” in this world. Even twin siblings have differences, they only have lots of similarities especially facial similarities but not exactly the same.

Many said that there are other us but they’re considered as double of a living person or evil twin, the doppelganger. It must be very fascinating and pretty scary to imagine if we unexpectedly see that kind of our double!

It is really seldom to see someone, not blood related, having quite lot of facial similarities or symmetry to our face. Family members look much more alike on average than non-related as human faces are heritable.

In our present time, you can search on the internet people who looked like the same but these people were raised and grew with different countries, different families, religion, and everything yet they looked like the same.

Photo by: francois brunelle

We can also see someone who pretty looked like a celebrity who’s sometimes or often mistaken as a celebrity.

One of them are Jung-yeon, member of k-pop girl group Twice, and Angel Locsin, a famous Filipina actress. Their story is different because they are both in showbiz industry.

Let’s take a look at the resemblance of their faces.


Source: Cosmo ph