Ito na ngayon si Diana Zubiri after ng EDSA-shaw flyover shoot

Life isn’t easy, there’s always ups and downs and whatever happen, you must still go on and move forward like what Rosemarie Joy Garcia-Smith, well known with her stage name Diana Zubiri, who experienced hardships before she achieved everything she has now.

Diana Zubiri was discovered by Seiko Films when she was 15 years old after she applied for work in Japan.

She had sexy roles in various films by Seiko and then afterwards, she has been a talk-of-the-town especially in the news after posing to a photoshoot held in EDSA-Shaw flyover wearing two-piece bikini.

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Benhur Abalos, currently Mayor of Madaluyong City that time, filed charges against Diana Zubiri and FHM, FHM conducted the photoshoot, but later revoked after apology.

Diana Zubiri entered the entertainment industry year 2005 where she gained popularity. You might still remember her as she’s one of leading actress of a fantasy series, Encantadia, where she played the role of Sang’re Danaya, guardian of earth element stone.

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After her success in showbiz industry, she continued to pursue her young-age-dream, to finish college. She successfully fulfilled her dream and at the year 2015 she acquired the degree in Applied Arts major in Theatre.

During those times, she had husband but after few years her husband died where she suffered so much.

“Noong nalaman ko pa lang kasi na may sakit na siya, kasal na kami. Alam niya pala. Hindi niya sinabi sa akin so hindi ako nakapaghanda. So noong sinabi niya na may sakit siya, handa na siya,”

Today, she’s happily living with love and care with her longtime boyfriend, Andy Smith, now husband, and her children.

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Let’s take a look at their inspiring and lovely family photos.

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