Ito ang napaka-eleganteng mansion ni Lito Lapid at naging buhay niya bago niya ito nakamit

You definitely know him because he acted in many films and television series shows, ninety-three in total, including the latest action-drama television series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Leon.

Lito Lapid (Manuel Mercado Lapid) initially entered the film industry as a stuntman and then became a very skilled and now one of the veteran actors.

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His initial acting in film industry started year 1969 up to present and he also served in our country as a senator where he is currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Tourism and Cooperatives.

Nowadays, with all the hard works and perseverance where he even ate rice with salt and water as he reminisce his past life, he now owns a very fancy and elegant mansion, a dream house of many.

Lito also shared his life full of hardships and trials when he was young to an interview by Kara David.

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His father died due to disease when they were young so their life was so poor. He also wholeheartedly wanted to pursue college but poverty prevents him so he only finished high school level.

He applied as a working student in a vocational school to get at least mechanic but he wasn’t able to make it so he was forced to work with his young age of 16.

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Lito asked his brother to be his personal assistant in his work and one time on his birthday, his brother asked him what present he wanted and Lito asked him to refer him to be a stuntman. He eventually became a leading actor after being a stuntman.

Many trials arise afterwards but it doesn’t stop him to fulfill all of his dreams.

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Let’s watch the sneak peek of Lito Lapid’s mansion.


Source: Youtube