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It seems that the barangay captain has additional duties with someone else’s wife

In our government system, barangay captains are elected by barangay citizens to fulfill their duties and functions efficiently and effectively for a peaceful and organized Barangay. They also promotes general welfare for the barangay citizens.

Being a leader, barangay captains should set as a good example for his people, a person looked to by others. But this barangay captain set a bad and a shocking example.

Some powers and duties of a barangay chairman,

  • Enforce laws and ordinances
  • Negotiate, enter into, and sign contracts
  • Maintain public order
  • Supervise the “Sangguniang Barangay” SK
  • Promote general welfare to the barangay

These are some of the powers and duties as a barangay chairman but Chairman Manuel Gloriani seems to have an additional duties because he’s having an affair with someone else’s wife.

Enrico Incapas’ wife, Luna Rose, is the woman allegedly having an affair with the chairman.

Due to Enrico’s suspicion that there’s something between his wife and his neighbor, the barangay chairman, Enrico installed a voice call recording in his wife’s cellphone to catch if the two are having an affair.

Enrico succeeded in recording the call between the two and approached Raffy Tulfo in Action program to ask for their help because he’s somehow afraid of what the chairman could do to him with his complaint.

With a solid evidence, Raffy Tulfo personally asked the barangay chairman regarding the issue but Chairman Manuel Gloriani completely denied all the accusations and said TONS of excuses and alibis.

Let’s watch the video,


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