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Isa lang ang napili ng Mayamang may taning ang buhay sa apat niyang asawa

There is a wealthy entrepreneur who have four wives and his fourth wife was the one he loved the most. He even give her tons of gifts and make sure that she lives luxuriously.

One common day, he had a severe disease and it’s non-curable. He then called the four of his wives to try who among them purely loves and will stay beside him until his last breath.

When he have serious problems, his second wife whose very understanding and patient was always there for him and gives him advice. He asked her and said “I have always asked you for your opinions and counsel. You have helped me every time I came to you with a problem and now I ask for your help one last time. Will you stay with me until I am no longer part of this world?” she said, “I am sorry, this time, I am unable to help you.” She turned her back and left the room.

He’s so proud to his third wife because of the beauty she possessed and he even boast her to his co-workers but her third. He said to his third wife, “I love you with all my heart and seeing as I, your husband, am going to die soon, will you stay by my side and care for me as long as I have life left to live?”, but the third wife answered without any hesitation. “No, there is so much I still want to do in life and I refuse to spend it in this hospital room caring for you. If you die, I will not hesitate to remarry”.

To his fourth wife who he loved the most, he said, “You are the woman I have loved the most in my life and I have given you everything you could have dreamed of and more. Will you stay loyal to me during my last days and even after I am gone?” his fourth wife heartlessly said, “Don’t count on me.”

His heart almost torn apart after hearing everything they said to him but he heard someone saying “I’ll stay with you” in a very low tone voice at the corner of the room. “I will stay with you and even follow to where you go in the afterlife be it heaven or hell.”

It’s his first wife who’s very thin and seems like malnourished due to excessive working for many years. Her hair had whites and her hands are full of callus. He doesn’t even treated her right, cared, or loved but she stayed and will even stay with him until his last breath.

Sometimes in life, we’re blind and doesn’t even notice people who really love and care for us. We only notice those who really care when we’re helpless and those who stay for us on the darkest part of our life.

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