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How Vandolph Quizon’s Life Now Out of Showbiz?

Do you still remember the chubby child star, Vandolph Quizon? His parents are well known as Dolphy Quizon was the Famous King of Comedy and Alma Moreno is a politician and sometimes, she is still into the showbiz.

Vandolph has been not around the industry and chooses a different path. He is now a councilor in the 1st District of Paranaque and her wife is a barangay kagawad. His wife was a former dancer in tv, Jennifer Salimao-Quizon. They both leave showbizness and continue serving people thru politics.

They have been married for ten years and they’ve been blessed with three beautiful children. The only son they both have resembled a lot of his father; he looks charming too. Will he enter showbiz soon?

Vandolph has been out of sight for so long, but he is still open to getting back as long as it doesn’t hindered his political career and family life.