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He Lost Interest In Making Love on His wife because of pungent smell coming from private part

A government employee sent a message to Raffy Tulfo on his show to seek help on how he can tell his wife that she has pungent smell coming from her vagina every time they make love.

According to the text sender, he lost interest in making love especially when his wife remove her undies, he can smell the strong pungent.

To provide answers to the text sender’s inquiry Raffy Tulfo called Gary Sy, a Medical Doctor from The Life Extension Health & Wellness Center.

Based on the statement of Dr. Sy, it is normal for women to have a vaginal odor, but if a woman continues to have intolerable vaginal odor it could be a sign that she has a vaginal bacterial infection.

Moreover, Dr. Sy explained the reason why women have a strong vaginal odor; it could be from the spicy foods she always eat and hormonally cycle. To get rid of a strong vagina odor here are the advices of Doctor Sy for every woman.

Mix baking soda and warm water and wash your private part when taking a bath.

Apply yogurt evenly to your vagina and leave it for around two minutes then wash.

If the following steps above seem not effective, it’s best to make an appointment with your OB-Gynecologist.

Here’s the full video of Raffy Tulfo and Dr. Gary Sy.