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Ganito ang Nangyari Nang Inilagay Niya Dito ang Ipon Challenge Niya

Nowadays, saving money with challenge or “Ipon Challenge” is quite trending and many Filipinos do it in different ways.

There’s this “Ipon challenge” wherein there’s a set of circles with corresponding monetary value and then you will shade it every time you drop or save money. The target is shade all the circles and happily open it.

Here in Philippines, we have a traditional and resourceful way of saving money. It is like a piggy bank but made of dried bamboo tree.

Photo by: gslactao

I bet many of 90’s, 20’s kid and some years before knows and used it to save money. I also did but I can’t control myself to open and spend it, so impatiently open it using “gulok/bolo”. *laughing*

There’s been a recent post in social media where you can see photos of opened bamboo bank. The bamboo bank contains large amounts of saved money, but sadly, it is ALL RUINED!

Yes, it was all ruined, and termites are the reason behind this heart-breaking incident.

Imagine it, if that happened to you and you can’t do anything about it because you can’t blame the termites who ruined your P10,000+ savings after all your sacrifices and hard works? I bet you won’t want it to happen to you.

These days, there are numerous’ new, modern, and challenging ways of saving money, why bother doing a very old fashioned and risky way?

The one who shared the experience must wanted and encourages everyone to no longer use bamboo from saving hard earned money yet, we should not forget this tradition we grew up with.


Source: Trendzilla