From Thin To Chubby: A Couple Proudly Say That Love Make Them Fatter

Relationship goal is one of the trendy things on social media as a couple will do the same thing- one heart, one goal. There are many different relationship posts on social media, but an unusual post catches the eyes of many netizens.

This couple proved that they have a common ground and that is eating. The two have been together for two years, and their weight gain explained how their relationship grows.

Aeriel Feihi Alfonso Canlas posted pictures of him and his girlfriend, Mia Santos of Facebook which got many reactions from netizens. The caption says:

“Totoo pala talaga na nakakataba ang masayang relasyon. ? 2years palang yan! Kinabahan tuloy ako sa mga dadating pang taon. ??? i love youuuuu! Kain pa tayo madami ah? “

Despite being fat, they look happy together, and it proves that love can make you fat, at least for this couple. Many couples are just like them- they accept and embrace the changes each other have.

Aeriel and Mia seem to love each other’s company, especially when they are going out on a date- most of the times, food trips.

Do you think fat people are the happiest?