From Rags to Riches: Sino Nga Ba Itong Mga Celebrities Na Lumaki at Nagmula Sa Hirap

Success doesn’t always come the easy way, it is earned through hardships, diligence, and sacrifices.

Wealth is linked with success and not all is lucky to be wealthy nor successful but here are some of our local artist who used to be less fortunate once before and now living in prosperity.

In the world of stardom, they proved their skills to be one among the best and here they are.


Photo by: IMDB

Coco Martin – He worked as a janitor before in Alberta, Canada and he obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at National College of Business and Arts.

He tried his luck and try out in ABS-CBN talent agency, Star Magic, and later made his first cameo film appearance in 2001 film Luv Text.

He then appeared in several Television commercials and started to be a regular cast member in independent films or indie films.

Coco Martin is now one of the successful and ABS-CBN’s most prized artist.


Photo by: get real Philippines

Ai-Ai delas Alas (Martina Eileen Hernandez delas Alas-Sibayan – before she obtain the title “Comedy Queen of the Philippines”, she worked as a sales assistant in a department store and worked as a stand comedian in comedy bars around Manila. She is now very successful and famous in our country.


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Willie Revillame – As you can watch on television, he sometimes mention how he struggle in life before, before he became rich who owns private plane, building, yacht, real estate properties and many more.


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Jennylyn Mercado – You might watched Jennylyn’s tragic story in Magpakailanman wherein she was abused by her step-father by burning her skin with cigarette butts. Her mother who is currently working in Dubai immediately flew back in Philippines not to help her but to bail out Jennylyn’s step-father. She was then adopted and raised by her auntie.

She won the reality show, StarStruck, wayback 2003 where she started to become successful.


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Jericho Rosales – it’s really hard to imagine that Jericho used to be in fish ports, selling fish in order to help her mother who was a vendor in a public market. He also used to be a service crew and driver before he joined and win Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi contest. He later became a regular host and become very successful today.


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Vice Ganda (Jose Marie Borja Viceral) – Vice Ganda grew up in Tondo, Manila, where he experienced a very painful event with his four sibling. Vice Ganda experienced to sell bottled water during his youth just to earn money. She is now successful and very famous with his observational comedy, situational irony, and sarcasm, in world of comedy.


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Richard Gomez – Before Richard became well known in entertainment industry, he used to make burger and French fries and serve soft drinks. His success began through his modeling career.


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Nora Aunor (Nora Cabaltera Villamayor) – It’s really unimaginable that Nora sells peanuts on busses during her childhood due to poverty. After winning the local talent search, Tawag ng Tanghali wayback 1967, many noticed her and then she showcase her highly skilled acting where she gained popularity and became Philippine cinema’s Superstar.


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Marvin Agustin (Marvin Jay Marquez Cuyugan Agustin) – Had numerous heavy works before such as being a mascot, video store clerk, and waiter just to earn money before he became popular in entertainment industry and become successful.


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Isko Moreno (Francisco Moreno Domagoso) – used to push cart and go house-to-house to collect old newspaper and used bottled water to sell in junk dealer and rummaged through restaurant garbage bins to gather leftover food which they recook for dinner before he achieved everything he has now. He is now a politician and Vice Mayor of Manila. He also been a part of some television drama series.