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From 4XL to XL, See How This Man Turned into A Good-Looking Guy From Plus Size

Size does matter, especially if you are looking at someone’s body. This guy from a Facebook post got viral as his transformation is shocking. He used to call as DUMBO, or Dumbo-hala because of his size.

Do you believe this gorgeous looking man was once a fat ugly-looking guy who weighed 200+ kilograms? The weighing scale is even confused on how heavy he was. Now, you can see his photos and the comparison of the before and after he takes a popular slimming product.

Dumbo admitted that he takes a lot of different kinds of slimming products and methods to slim down his shape but unfortunately nothing works for him. Until he graduated in college and saw a product on the internet and tried it.

Luxxe slim is the only product that gives Dumbo the expectation he is looking for. Some say his transformation is only for marketing purpose, but hey, look how huge he looks better now that before.