Fans on Her: He’s Not Worth It, But Pinay Car Model Response Was Really Moving

Brand ambassadress Angie Gutierrez was bombarded with bashes and shames on social media after she introduces her boyfriend, Aaron Pascual.

He was an ordinary-looking guy who captures the heart of the chinita charm, Angie. Despite the bash coming.

Angie defends her boyfriend and swipe off their faces with saying, “I want him, that’s it!”

There may be some better-looking guy and Aaron may be looking ordinary to many, but for Angie, he is all she ever wanted.

The two stays stronger after the incident, and Angie leaves a sentence to her fans and bashers that all can relate into, “Kumukupas ang panlabas na anyo, pero ang mabuting puso, NEVER.”

It is, true love really exists, it is not in the eyes of the beholder, but it is the heart which recognizes the beauty of a person.

Truly, Angie has a good heart and a charming personality, she can stand on her decisions and proves that love is worth the fighting.