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Dreaming of Becoming a Farmer, He Quits School and Become a Millionaire

Education is very important to kids as it will sustain them to achieve their dreams. However, a boy in Malaysia thought of a different approach, an out of the box decision. He was studying that time but felt that he is not following his dreams, becoming a farmer. So he quits school and starts following his heart.

Saipol Azmir Zainuddin became a construction worker first since his family can’t afford to buy a farm. He was just 18 at that time, on his first pay, he bought his first ever calf.His father took care of it, and on his second pay, he bought another until he has more. But he needs a land so he can take care and buy more cows so he applied for a loan and bought his land.

“By the time I was 18, I’ve already had 300 cows. During that time, my father and I raised and sold cows to villagers. I saved up all the profit made because it has always been my dream to own a farm,” he said.

“Although I dropped out of school way earlier than my friends, that didn’t break my spirit, because being a farmer has always been my dream.”

At age 19, he already has his own farm, car, and a nice home. With his hard work and thriftiness, he managed the farm himself by quitting his construction job. Now, he is a millionaire, he just earned RM 1 million last year with his farm at the age of 33. Who knew that a boy who quits school will be a millionaire? It is all because of hard work and commitment.