Dimples palang makikilala mo na agad na anak siya ng sobrang isang popular na aktres!

Maria Luisa Angela Martinez de Leon-Rivera famously known as Angelu de Leon stared television acting at a very young age of 12. She was discovered in a kiddie gag show “Ang TV” and well-known from being a cast of television drama series T.G.I.S along with her co-celebrities actors and actresses.

Her dimples were remarkable and you definitely remember her being partnered with Bobby Andrews in various television shows.

Angelu gave birth to two beautiful offspring which is now a gorgeous ladies named Nicole and Louise and her only son Wowie Rivera.

via: Pinoy Showbiz

Louise is Angelu’s second child and she is undeniably Angelu’s daughter because they have facial similarities.

Louise is a woman now and you can see her in her photos in her Instagram account.

Angelu is very proud to her children and she’s also a loving mom. The picture below is Louise in her maroon lace dress ready for her prom day.

Angelu, “My baby @loise_m_dl is off to a prom. She’s so beautiful.”

via: Inside readers
via: Inside readers

Her three children have different dad and she had hard time explaining that matter to her two daughters when they’re still young.

Angelu raised her two daughters well even without their father’s financial support.

Today, she’s very happy together with her husband and their three children.

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Source: Insidereaders