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Dancing in Obando, Bulacan: Maricar De Mesa’s Secret of Getting Pregnant

Most women in the middle age like to conceive, whether they are married or not. Getting pregnant sometimes go into a lot of struggles such as infertility, hormonal imbalances, stress, etc. Sometimes, the more you get ready, the harder to get pregnant.

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Just like Maricar de Mesa, a Filipina actress that has remarkable roles in Philippine teleseryes. She struggles for seven years before she finally gets pregnant. She tried it with her ex-husband, Don Allado, but didn’t go as expected until they ended up their relationship.

She is now with her partner, an American citizen. But getting pregnant with him isn’t that easy. She even tried vitro fertilization, but she doesn’t need it since she got pregnant way back in 2016. Her partner was here for Christmas 2016, and fortunately, Maricar got a chance to dance in Obando’s fertility dance, the festival happens every May.

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They offered prayers for couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. They are now happy to have their own bundle of joy.

“Well, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past seven years. That was with my previous partner, my ex-husband. But now I have a new partner. For seven years, marami ang nagsasabi sa akin na try mo ngang magsayaw sa Obando sa Bulacan, di ko ‘yon masyadong pinapansin.

“But in 2016, nandito ako sa Philippines. Wala akong ginagawa kaya sige punta ako, I even brought my mom. Tapos medyo madugo pala siya kasi masikip, mainit, napakaraming tao, ang aga. That was April, then I found out I was pregnant Christmas Day ng 2016 din,” she said

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“Alam mo ang nakakatuwa roon, kasi he’s not based here in the Philippines, nandito lang siya noon because it’s Christmas. Naglalakad kami sa isang mall na may church. Nabasa ko ang e-mail noong doktor kasi nagpa-check up ako, ang sabi ‘Congratulations, Maricar, you are pregnant.’ Nasa tapat kami ng church. Talagang ‘yun nakakaiyak, ganoon ang reaksiyon,”

Source: Elitenewsfed, ABS CBN