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Before and After FHM’s Sexiest Woman: “I started hating myself and didn’t wanted to be seen in TV anymore”

2016 was a very memorable year for Jessie Mendiola because she was hailed as “No.1 FHM Philippine’s Sexiest Woman” but after gaining the title, she also gained tons of harsh criticisms and hateful comments from many.

People called her “pata girl, pata queen, baboy, taba etc” because she was way bigger and less sexier than her competitors who was said to be more deserving to win and way better than her.

Jessy garnered over half million votes unseating Jennylyn Mercado. She got 589,792 votes to be exact.

During those times, despite of all the negative comments, harsh criticisms, and trolls, many endorsement and project still came her way and her Instagram followers kept on rising but all of pessimism took a toll on her and she started hating herself.

“When I won FHMs sexiest woman in 2016, I thought… finally, people appreciate my efforts and my body,” she shares. “But when people started pointing out my flaws, I started hating myself, at times even thinking I was a bad person for having ‘thunder thighs’.” – Jessy

“I didn’t even want to be seen on TV anymore, I started turning down roles and it affected my work”, she added.

Amidst of all the harsh and hateful things she got, she started building herself and made it as a motivation to put herself back on track. Jessy also aimed to serve as an inspiration to everyone.

Jessy remained positive and worked hard to attain a very slim, sexy, and gorgeous figure according to her body type. Lately, she shared some of her updates on her fitness journey in her social media account and it’s quite inspiring of how she learned to eat moderately, exercise to get energized rather than eating chocolates or blueberry muffin.

Jessy wanted to reach all the “pata girl” out there to say, “Just keep going, love yourself, love your body because it will definitely love you back. Trust me!”


Source: Kami ph