Anne Curtis Muntik Nang Umiyak Habang Nagpapanggap Na Isang Tindera Ng Basahan sa Foot Bridge

During the Lenten season, it is traditional that Its Showtime, a noontime tv show rival with Eat Bulaga, aired tv specials. These features different kinds of ordinary people who are extraordinarily living their ordinary lives.

Anne Curtis is one of the hosts of Its Showtime where she portrays one of the roles there. The show wanted to share the goodness of the Creator through the lives of the people they have chosen to present in their show.

Anne assisted a couple, Maring and Carlos Cinco whose story is featured. Their journey in selling rags is not easy; they have to go in the road and even in footbridge. Anne experienced the hardships they are dealing with a day. There comes a time that Anne almost cried.

She just realised that despite the hard work, most people would ignore you and they will only pass by.

“At one point, gusto ko na umiyak kasi parang ito iyong nangyayari sa kanila. Parang dadaanan lang sila ng mga tao. Imagine you’re there trying to sell pieces given by your lola or mom.Gusto mo makabenta kasi wala kayong kakainin tapos walang pumapansin sayo? Ang hirap naman ng ginagawa nila.”


She was even commanded to get off the footbridge by the barangay official to give way to passerby. Anne humbly gets off the footbridge and realised how hard it is to live the life of the couple.

Source: ManilaLiving