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Annaliza’s Brat Sister, Arlene: Look How She Turns Into A Gorgeous Lady

Did you watch Annaliza, a teleserye that starred Andrea Brillantes? She has been seen around the showbiz industry and turned into a fine lady.

How about her rival, Arlene, in the teleserye? Kyline Alcantara, no doubt is on of the kid celebrities that has a pretty face. But due to her roles, often a spoiled brat, she doesn’t possess that much charisma.

Kyline, now, if you see her- you will be surprised how gorgeous she is! Check her IG and her posts, the camera simply loves every angle she has. She’s active in IG, and a lot of fans are following her beauty.

She hasn’t been seen for some time, but her gorgeous years has come and no surprise if she will again be back on the screen. Do you think she grew as expected? Or isn’t she’s just fabulous?