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An OFW in Riyadh Caught A video of Her Boss Abusing Her

Many Filipinos are working abroad hoping for a better future for their family, not knowing the risks they may get into.

Just like this Filipina OFW who went to Riyadh and work as a domestic helper. She was abused by her male employee, and she is afraid to tell her female employee about the case since they might just twist the story and hurt her.

Jean Ramos, whose boyfriend, Michael, seeks help from Raffy Tulfo. Michael told Raffy that he couldn’t contact her girlfriend’s agency. He was so worried since Jean told her about this and sent the actual video of abusing her. Raffy contacted OWWA and Jean’s agency so the OFW will be rescued immediately.

In the recent years, many OFWs have been abused by their employees due to lack of action from the authorities. In the desire of making a decent living, many ended up risking their own lives.

Source: pinoycitizen