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An Angelic Girl in LRT Video Recorded by a Stranger As He Finds Her Too Beautiful

There are lots of viral videos circling around social media, just like this video of a beautiful girl who seems to have the face of an angel. Nigel Wen, a netizen uploaded a video of the said girl whom he fond of.

Nigel asked the help of netizens so he can find the girl who mesmerised his heart. According to him, befriended with her will be enough for him and he expressed how he was starstruck by the girl.

The girl’s name is Nix Abracosa who is from Bulacan but apparently, she already has a boyfriend. Nix really possessed a pretty face, and aside from that, she is also smart. She finished Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in Adamson University.

Aside from her being smart, she is also talented as a ballerina. She is one of a kind, an achiever with a pretty face. Watch out if you can see her inside LRT, you’ll be stunned too.

Source: Elitenewsfeed