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A Woman’s Only Son Abandoned Her On His Young Age Due To His Father’s Riches

A family is a wonderful thing you can enjoy, being surrounded by loved ones is the greatest treasure you can have. However, it is also important to provide a good living for your family A father in the province moved to the city to give a better living for his wife and son.

As the days passed by, the father gets in touch with his family, but later on, he fails to send money and unable to call his family. His wife was forced to sell fruits in the market for livelihood so she can feed her child. A day had come when her husband came home but unexpectedly; he wants a divorce as he already met a new wife.


Devastating, the woman has no choice, but he kept her faith as she has her son with her. But her son goes with his rich dad and abandoned her mother. Later, the mother received money from his mailbox which happened to be from his son. All this time, the son is thinking of her poor mother that is why he keeps sending his money to her and one day, he will get his mother and work for her.

One day in Spring, the woman received a letter. “How are you, mother? I know that you love me and you must have suffered a lot since I left you. Mother, I really love you and I miss you.”

“You have to know the real reason I decided to stay with father. I just wanted to help you. Father always gives me money and I thought that I could send the money to you. Then, you will never have to sell fruits at the market anymore.”

“Mother, take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me. I will definitely come back home one day. You will always be my mother and I will never leave you again. I will take you to live with me when I grow up.”

Source: Filtimes