A Woman Taking Selfie at the Middle of Midnight Caught An Image of a Ghost Behind Her

Taking selfies is kinda addictive especially if you think you are beautiful on that day. However, there are times that selfies are not what you expected to turn out especially if you capture an unusual thing at midnight.

A Filipina from Japan named Katrina Paraiso take a selfie, her usual habit but this time, she captures a girl in her back. There is no kid in that age in the house where she is taking a vacation. Although one of her siblings died, he is not a girl so not possible that it was her brother.

She shared her selfies, even a filter or a brighter copy of it to show that it was a girl. The ghost seems to be holding a feeding bottle while lying on the floor. It remains a mystery. A certain Adam Reyes even makes it creepy as he is teaching Katrina what to do. Adam even sounds more disturbing as the actual photo.

What do you think of this?

Source: Rachfeed