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A Student Who Just Graduated Posted In front of Her Mother’s Coffin, Leave Netizens Touched

Being a child isn’t easy, there are also pressures especially when it comes to schooling.

The journey in academics is a tough one; challenges are everywhere such as hard subjects, strict teachers, limited time, friends, and even devastating life situations.

Like this girl, Yssa Llaban Guy-ab, who posted a picture of her in front of her mother’s coffin while in a graduation toga. Yssa proudly say, “graduate nako ma!”. Netizens salute her due to her hard work that despite the circumstances and hard situation, she still continued to study and led to her graduation.

Many students in the same situation to Yssa go through hard times and depression. But Yssa, make it sure that despite what life knocked to her, she will make her mother proud. Surely, Yssa’s mother is so proud of her wherever she may be.

Netizens saluted Yssa for being an inspiration to many youths, there are no excuses if you wanted to succeed in life.