A Girl With an Unusual Height Finds Forever and Decided to Tie the Knot with Him, See Their Inspiring Story

True love never finds the less in a person, it always has the courage to win the weakness of a person and turn that into a strength. Just like this couple who conquered the challenges of being different as the girl has an unusual height.

Felimino Lumanao never see his wife indifferent, all he can see is his future with her. On the other hand, Dallaine Mae Tac-an embraced her imperfections as she say yes to Felimino. They tied the knot just recently and their wedding planner Thania Tiffany posted their beautiful wedding on Facebook.

The post gained many likes and served as an inspiration to many especially to youth who are commonly looking at the outward appearance of a person. How about you, are you willing to accept the flaws of someone you might love in the future? Or with your special someone now?