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A Flight Attendant Got Hired After 4th Try To An Airline, But Before That- She Tried 24 Times To Different Airlines

Flight attendant is a noble and prestigious job. Most women are dreaming of becoming one because aside from the job it offers, one call also travels around the world- all expenses paid.

Travelling provides a lot of benefits- being too different places, meeting new friends, experience new culture, and able to eat local delicacies are just some.

Mary Clare Inonog, a flight attendant of Qatar Airways, started her dream at a young age. To some, dreaming is easy but achieving is the hardest. Mary Clare goes to the airlines after 22 rejections with two different tries to 6 airlines. At her first rejection, she didn’t mind trying again, over and over again until she finally lands her dream job.

What she’d been thru is never easy, she applied and got rejected any times- many crying nights for her but these moments don’t defeat her. She chased her dreams by stretching her faith, improving her skills, and gaining experiences.

How about you, how eager are you to follow your dreams?